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Phase 1


One Week

  1. Mental Motivation – Fed up had enough. Sick and tired of being Sick and tired. Time to fight back and get your health in order. Time to change and take action! Here is how!
  2. Diet – Massive Acute Detoxification Diet (MADD7 Day Detoxification Diet– Nothing but water to drink. Vegetables and Fruit to eat. One slice of whole wheat bread at dinner is the only carbohydrate.
  3. Physical Rehab – Concentrate on Breathing and ROM exercise. Getting your body ready to move and become active starts with the foundation of good biomechanics and posture. Understand where your body is in time and space and realizing the control you have over its motion is key to recovering your active lifestyle.

Phase 2


One Month

  1. Mental Motivation– Progress is Positive; congratulate you for getting out of the slump and getting help. You know realize how far you have to go to get you body back to normal function. It may seem like a long but necessary road. Become outcome oriented; set goals and celebrate the mile stones.
  2. DietStress and Adrenal Diet (SAD)–  Break away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) or Stressed Adrenal-Fatigue Diet and enter into the NO-STRESS Diet by “eating clean”, reducing your carbohydrate consumption, balancing your energy spikes by avoiding stimulants and consuming meals that are protein rich.
  3. Physical Rehab – Now is when you can begin your cardiovascular fitness. Again focusing on the basics (Posture, ROM, and Balance). Start by walking 3 times a week for? min then increasing by 10 min each week until you get to a 1 hour walk 3 times a week. Resistance training should focus on bracing the core muscles while you can slowly introduce resistance to extremities; ROM exercises; bands and tubing works great in this phase.

Phase 3

(Sub-Active)  =  (Stable)

One Month

  1. Mental Motivation – Great now you have fundamentally changed the way you think about proper body function. You now understand the importance of “Natural Healthcare” and realize that you are in control of your outcome. Feeling self empowered and willing to take control.
  2. DietGood Living and Activity Diet (GLAD) – Now that “traditional” diet is no longer and option; you choose to fine tune your new diet to fit your personal healthcare needs and Lifestyle. Focus on organ function and expressing health to its fullest potential.
  3. Physical Rehab – Body Weight Exercise and Dynamic Weight Bearing movements. Basis Yoga or Pilate Poses work great during this phase. Calisthenics are excellent for those who are ready for more advanced fitness. All exercises should be done in “circuit” style in rapid succession one after the other to continue to develop the cardiovascular benefits. Ex ( 1 min push-ups, 1min squats, 1 min jumping jacks, 1 min Pull-ups, 1 min superman’s = 5 mins) Then repeat 3 Sets

Phase 4

(Active)   =   (Wellness, Static, or Chronic)

Lifetime – Lifestyle

  1. Mental Motivation – You are toned and welcome the challenge of ideal fitness. You realize and appreciate the struggle involved in becoming and staying fit. You are on a quest to reach the ultimate in Health and Wellbeing. You realize that Life is ALL About the experience and want to accomplish your personal best.
  2. Diet –Radical Activity Diet (RAD)– Tailored to your age, body type, and activity level. Food is fuel to enhance physical performance. Eat clean and burn clean; efficiency is the key.
  3. Physical Rehab – All about performance, challenge, and accomplishments. Set the goal and achieving the desired outcome. Body sculpting to Performance enhancement Taylor made for your needs.